Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Month of Busy

April is going to be the most insanely busy month that I've had in a while.

First and foremost, I'm getting married. May 16th. Very soon. I'm very excited, but also in "rush around like crazy" mode.

I have a dress, a registry, rings, a party space, an officiant, marriage license, wonderful DJ, and a guest list.

I do not have clothing for Mihnea, or catering picked out. There will be no ridiculous and non-tasty cake.

We wanted so much to keep the wedding on a budget, and I think we've done all right so far. The party is the most expensive part and my mother is paying for that. I got two dresses, each for under $40.00. The rings were a bit more expensive than anything else, but I expected that. I did not, however, expect to pay $80.00 for a marriage license. Ouch.

Also, the Weave issue 02 release event will be taking place on April 26th. I am very excited about it, but it is another event to get my proverbial ducks (poets?) in a row for. The party should be very very fun. If you're in Pittsburgh you should of course check us out. So far we have Frank DePoole, Andrew Mulvania, Damian Dressick, Michelle Stoner, and Alayna Frankenberry lined up to read. Should be a good show if that list is any indication, in my humble opinion.

Crystal's putting together some sure to be awesome sketches for the show and we may have a very special music act coming on board. It's all very exciting.

Two days before that, on April 24th, is the second Poetsburgh reading wherein Weave Magazine and Open Thread collaborate and lovely, lovely poets read. We'll be at the Zany Umbrella Circus' space this time around.

And on April 18th I'll be doing a reading in Cleveland for Burning River at Visible Voice at about 7pm.


Busy Busy!