Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The TypewriterGirls Save the Libraries video footage!

At long last there is video footage of the sketches from The TypewriterGirls Save the Libraries!

I'm especially happy with how these came out. Really, who can resist pink footie pajamas, the cell poeterrorism organization, 1970's Romanian communist party films, and bad monkey fun houses all in the name of saving the Carnegie Libraries?

The numbers on the videos themselves are a little messed up -- the order they are in below is the order which they appeared in during the show.

This show features acting and writing not only from the lovely Crystal Jean Hoffman and acting by myself, but also the writing and acting skills of the very-talented Sean Collier. Also some narration by Dave Doyle, who is an official TypewriterGirl. Also a guest appearance by the lovely Franco Dok Harris, who puts up with my and Crystal's shenanigans quite graciously.

So watch! Enjoy! I'm still working on that entry on mentorship.