Monday, October 19, 2009

Catch up

My son will be spending the whole week in Cleveland and I have committed myself to doing some major catch up while he's away. There are many things to do;

  • Get issue 03 of Weave finalized and sent out to the printer (!!!)
  • Work on my 4 drafted poems
  • Write up an evaluation for one of my interns (this really should be the first thing listed)
  • Do some housework. The husband would be so pleased.
  • Read! I have a book on Allen Ginsberg's Buddhist poetry that I'm really enjoying, that whole literary theory thing to plug away at, and more poetry than I can realistically shake a stick at.
  • Do my best not to go overboard purchasing books this week. I can only read so many at a time.
  • Obtain cover art for my chapbook. Very important.
There's also (conveniently) a poetry reading to go to on Wednesday, time to spend with my friends, and exercising that must be done now that I'm not constantly coughing.

It's good to know that even when I don't have a 4-year-old to worry about I can still run myself ragged.

Other Lovely Things

  • If you haven't done so yet, you should head over to the Tilt Press website and purchase their 2009-2010 chapbook subscription -- and not just because my chapbook will be a part of it!
  • GUD is having a pumpkin carving contest. Had I any skills at all I would enter this. You may have skills. You could enter. You could win books.
  • There's a nice review of Weave issue 02 up on New Pages.

1 comment:

kaolin fire said...

Thanks for the plug for the pumpkin carving contest--you should enter, (those sorts of) skills or no! The more the merrier, and I'm sure there will be "consolation" prizes. :)

I'm a sucker for punishment (and always looking to expand my repertoire), so I have to ask--do you have anyone lined up for cover art for your chapbook? :) I won't say "first one's free", but I _am_ looking to get more out there.