Thursday, April 22, 2010

National I-haven't-written-a-damn-thing-all-month Month

You know, I could make a million excuses about the AWP, about how Weave is in that period of crunch time leading up to our next issue's debut, about how I've got approximately eleventy billion TypewriterGirls shows this spring/summer starting this week (you should come to some of them!), about how I'm trying to spend more time with my long-suffering husband and child, but the truth is that I'm just a lazy fuck.

I have ideas - a plethora of ideas. Ideas are not poems.

I might be heading out to the Grand Midway Hotel this weekend. That usually forces me to write. Ah, old haunted hotel in a dead coal mining town - what would I do without you?


Susan said...

I haven't written much this month either...maybe one or two pieces, at best! I think this is normal, though, these slow periods... It's all that NaWriPoMo business that makes one feel guilty. Too much pressure!

On the upside: slow periods are usually followed by productive ones, right?

Margaret Bashaar said...

I certainly hope that slow periods are followed by productive ones. I could use some poem productivity!

Anonymous said...
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