Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the thing with feathers

No new reviews yet - I was sick for a little while last week (making it 3 straight weeks of illness altogether) and then a few friends came into town from Chicago and I spent the past 3 days with them and some amazing people from Pittsburgh and actually ignored the internet entirely for about 36 hours. It was beautiful.

New Years was so very interesting and lovely. I got phone calls from people who never call me. I cried twice. I braided someone's hair. I learned a song. I felt love.

I know the whole year won't be like this. I know difficult things will happen. I know I will not always be crying because I am grateful and I am being hugged by someone who has changed my life in ways I don't even understand yet. I also know that I have a husband who loves me, a child who I love, and more things to be grateful for than I could list here.

I dislike New Year's resolutions (does anyone really like them?) - I inevitably forget about them/fail at them. I do like hope, though, so here are my hopes for 2011.

- I hope that I can have radical spiritual experiences. I don't write about my spirituality much here - it's sort of a private, non-internet aspect of my life. However, I can say that in the past 4 years my spiritual journey has lead me back to a place that is closest to how I understood spirituality as a very young child, and this makes me more at peace than I think I've ever been.

- I hope that I can read more poetry.

- I hope that I can write more poetry.

- I hope that I can grow as a parent, as a partner, and as a woman.

- I hope that I can gain deeper understanding of myself and where I am most needed.

Hope is the thing with feathers/That perches in the soul,/And sings the tune--without the words,/And never stops at all - Emily Dickinson

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Juliet Blood Pudding said...

Thank you so very much Margaret.

I am finallly back home from my Divorce Court Hearing and other parts of my day (after the Court Hearing, my sister took me out to lunch and then I worked at her paint your own pottery shop for a few hours, as it seemed like it would be better to focus on working rather than focus on my thoughts).

My thoughts are still very sad, but I am trying my best to hang in there.

It is truly wonderful that I met you and Mihnea this year (and Crystal and Kevin and a few others). You are amazing, exceptional, creative, loving, caring, fabulous human creatures.


(I posted this on my own blog, but wasn't sure if you would return to the Comments section again, so also decided to post it on yours. XO. Juliet)